galerie-mickael-marcianoGalerie Marciano is the result of many years of experience by Mickael Marciano, a person who is animated by his passion for art and his good sense of evaluation. He opened his first gallery in 1992 in Saint Maur.
After Place des Vosges in Paris and the old port in Marseille, Mickael, Marciano opened his new art gallery on Rue de Rivoli, in the center of Paris, in front of the Louvre Palace, and next to the Regina hotel. Galerie Marciano is dedicated to art in all its dimensions, with the main goal to showcase works of art that stir emotion, and with very specific criteria for selection: talent, originality, and perfect technical skill. Galerie Marciano holds its own art collection that aims to present the best of Modern and Contemporary Art available on the market.
Galerie Marciano’s goal is to provide art consultation and be an exclusive defendant of its artists.