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 Paris Place des Vosges and Now Online

Famous figures and mythical or anonymous idols all radiate a magnetic beauty that touches the spectator’s heart. LITOMI’s particular talent is expressed in her creation of emotional intimacy between the icon and the spectator. Complicity is established at first glance, and time suspends its flight as a story is communicated.

” My artistic approach is a quest for beauty through the multiplicity of human faces”

Laurence LITOMI is a fine art photographer living in Aix-en-Provence. Soothed from childhood by the wonderful colours of the south of France, her colour palette has inherited its gentle power. Laurence has always been passionate about photography, and she first expressed herself artistically through photo collage. 

She therefore chose to study optics and optometry in Marseilles. She did not yet realise that the eye is intrinsically linked to art – would a work exist without the eyes of the spectator? – or that her destiny lay elsewhere. The collages she made out of fashion magazine photos to showcase the brands of glasses she was selling in her shop in Aix soon had more success than the frames! In 2001, Laurence LITOMI therefore decided to devote herself entirely to her passion for art. This perfectionist and meticulous student of nature then had a go at all the artistic disciplines on offer: photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery and digital art.