Born in 1982 in Paris, Goliath is a multidisciplinary Franco-Spanish artist.

His first Urban creations emerged in the underground area of the French capital in 1996. Preferring to hide his real identity from the general public, he quickly aroused keen interest in his numerous graphic compositions, as his creations diversified and multiplied. The Goliath signature is everywhere, even in the bowels of the Paris metro.

Freshly graduated in architecture and communication from the Penninghen school in Paris, the artist decided to travel all around the world (Australia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Africa) in search of new cultural inspirations.

During his journey, Goliath found himself particularly interested in tropical flora and fauna. From this fascination emerged his first artworks entitled Rain Forest. This passion for exploration led him to take a deep interest in the work of Jacques Yves Cousteau. Very quickly the artist creates a fanciful universe where coral reefs, sponges and butterflies mix.

Each painting represents for me a part of a dream where I would like to live. Each composition is the result of a methodical work that stems from my experiences and encounters.

“Evolving from one universe to another, nature takes back its rights and leaves the door open to everyone, according to their sensitivity, to interpret my paintings and my sculptures.”

 “I am only here to rekindle the flame that we all had within us, the dreams of youth where we took the time to dream and go into imaginary worlds populated by characters and mind-blowing settings.”


White Table

Mix Media
126 × 100 × 35 cm | 49 3/5 × 39 2/5 × 13 4/5 in

GOLIATH Table blanche, 2023 Mixed media (35 x 126 x 100 cm)
GOLIATH Acropora II, 2023 Mixed Media (55 cm)

Pink and blue frame

Mixte Media
Diameter 55 cm | 21 in

Goliath artiste<br />
Green<br />
© Marciano Contemporary

Green Jellyfish

Technique Mixte
80 × 33 × 33  cm | 31 1/2 × 13 × 13 in