Nicolas Odinet - portrait - atelier artiste © Marciano Contemporary

Nicolas Odinet was born in Sainte Adresse in 1953. From an early age, he shows a keen interest in graphic arts. During adolescence, he practices drawing and painting as a self-taught artist. He sees in this passion a way to illustrate his fascination for the landscapes that surround him. However, he eventually turned away from this passion in favor of a career in field hockey in Paris and studies of pharmacy at the University of Rouen. After graduating, he settled in 1985 in a pharmacy in downtown Rouen. It is then that his attraction for painting resurfaced. Unable to ignore it, Odinet decided to devote all his free time to it. Encouraged by the influx of exhibitions, he finally decided in 1997 to devote himself body and soul to it. Since then, he is now anchored and blooming in his passion.

Nicolas Odinet’s art takes shape according to the hazardous encounters of his wanderings. Enriched by his travels, he captures and delivers us fragments of his memories. Thus a moment suspended in time is forever fixed in a work of art. An encounter, an anecdote, the immediacy of a moment shared between friends or strangers, are then immortalized. Like a photographer who captures the scene with the click of his camera, Odinet seizes the present time through his gaze, which cannot be dissociated from his incredible pictorial mastery.

Odinet’s paintings represent and embody the joys of existence. They are the pictorial transcription of an emotion. The wish of the artist is then to share it with his spectator in order for him to live it or to remember it. So that the emotion can be universal, the characters of his creations are perfect strangers. “They are us, our loved ones, our children, these passers-by that we immediately forget but who are nevertheless the symbol of a lived, happy and shared moment. » His work is exhibited at the Marciano Contemporary galleries 


Funny Boy in Soho

2023, Oil on canvas
116 x 89 cm | 45 7/10 × 35 in

Nicolas Odinet artiste  Sport Illustrated in Battery Park © Marciano Contemporary
Sport Illustrated in Battery Park

2022, Oil on canvas
130 × 97 cm | 51 1/5 × 35 in

Bright Spell in the Crowd

2023, Oil on canvas
200 x 100 cm | 78 × 39 2/5 in