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The Marciano Contemporary Galleries are pleased to be able to present to you
the exhibition of recent works by our artist Marcello.

The opening in the presence of the artist will take place
on Thursday, March 9, 2023 from 6 p.m. in our Parisian gallery located at 4 Place des Vosges 75004 Paris.

Artiste Marcello Petisci - White Mustang © Marciano Contemporary
Artiste Marcello Petisci Schell © Marciano Contemporary
Portrait atelier Marcello Petisci<br />
@ Marciano Contemporary

Through his “underwater” series Marcello pays homage to iconic cars in hyper-realistic paintings. Like a dream, Mustang, Ferrari, Porsche and others are immersed in an aquatic universe that is as surprising as it is relaxing.

The paintings are frozen in an illusory time where the metal of the cars resists the random movements of the water. Due to the transparency, the comings and goings of the eddies, Marcello transcribes with a spectacular hyperrealism; the ability of the aquatic environment to animate static objects.

Here, there is no question of making an ode to speed. Nature takes back its rights.

Apart from this artificiality/nature duality, for the artist it is also a question of sanctifying the car as a work of art. Deprived of its functions, it is no more than a simple object, which is glorified for its aesthetic qualities.

 « Before starting to paint, I examine variables such as the nature of the subjects painted, the form of the main subject and the place given to it within the painting. Each element in the frame was considered and finally adopted for the space it occupies in relation to other elements already in place. » 

Artiste Marcello Petisci - Porsche 9 © Marciano Contemporary
Artiste Marcello Petisci - Rainbow Porsche<br />
© Marciano Contemporary